Uddeshya Upadhyay
PhD Researcher
Github Website uddeshya.upa at gmail.com


I am a first-year Ph.D. candidate at IMPRS-IS Program, Tübingen, where I am part of EML and MIDAS group, and I work closely with Prof. Zeynep Akata and Prof. Sergios Gatidis. I am fascinated by interdisciplinary R&D happening at the intersection of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Biomedical and Healthcare Informatics. These days I am exploring Bayesian Deep Learning, Uncertainty Estimation, Generative models, and Explainable AI. I was an undergrad at Computer Science and Engineering@IIT-Bombay.

Earlier, I spent some time as a research intern at Microsoft Research, Honda Research Institute, and Nanyang Technological University-Singapore. Besides, I've also spent time working with medical imaging startups and as a quantitative researcher for algorithmic trading firm.

For more details about me, please check my homepage.