INF3151 - Introduction to Machine Learning
(“Grundlagen des maschinellen Lernens”)


Prof. Dr. Zeynep Akata, Dr. Almut Sophia Koepke, Dr. Stephan Alaniz.


Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that already impacts our daily life. The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to machine learning. We will cover various topics, such as:

  • Supervised Learning
  • Bayesian Decision Theory
  • Parametric Methods
  • Multivariate Methods
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Clustering
  • Nonparametric Methods
  • Decision Trees
  • Linear Discrimination
  • Neural Networks
  • Experimental Design and Analysis

This is a Bachelor's level course, awarding 6 LP.

The course will follow the book "Introduction to Machine Learning, fourth edition" by Ethem Alpaydin.


The schedule of the course is as follows:

  • April 19th, 12-2pm
  • April 26th, 12-2pm
  • May 3rd, 12-2pm
  • May 10th, 12-2pm
  • May 17th, 12-2pm
  • May 24th, 12-2pm
  • June 7th, 12-2pm
  • June 14th, 12-2pm
  • June 21st, 12-2pm
  • June 28th, 12-2pm
  • July 5th, 12-2pm
  • July 12th, 12-2pm
  • July 19th, 12-2pm

The lectures will take place in person in room N7, Morgenstelle.
Each lecture will be accompanied by exercise classes.

Please refer to ILIAS for up-to-date information.

Registration and requirements

The registration is open via ILIAS.